It's a Baby! It's a BOY! ♡

On Christmas Eve, I shared with my followers our most happy news that we offically have a Baby Molina on the way! We are just feeling so extremely blessed + excited for this sweet new season we are entering. I am excited to share this journey + blog a few times on some happy updates as our baby continues to grow! Pregnancy is definitely an adventure and a far from easy one! Emotionally + physically it has been a wild few months, but we are ever so thankful to be on our way to delivering a healthy baby (BOY!) early July.

Christmas Day we hosted both of our families for drinks, dinner, and games. This would be the day that we would open our envelope and reveal our gender to our favorite people. We are thrilled to share that we are expecting a baby boy. ♡ I can't say that I wasn't dreaming of buying frilly clothes and decorating a girl nursery ;) but a baby boy is going to be just as special- of COURSE. Blake is so happy too and is ready to put a ball in this baby's hand as soon as he is here with us!


How Far Along: 

I am 13 weeks this week! Officially 3 months pregnant. Oh happy day!

When Did You Find Out:

I found out near the end of October! Immediately calling my mom + husband at work. We shared with a few family members but I tried keeping it a secret for as long as possible. The most sacred secret ever!

How Are You Feeling:

Feeling great most days! I am so grateful to not have morning sickness or any nausea. I have definitely been extremely tired usually every day around 4pm and not so in to grocery shopping or cooking dinner like I used to. So lucky to have a husband that has taken this on, become a master of grilled cheese, and enjoys a good vacuum around our house every now and then :) Beside fatigue, I have been very anxious and nervous. This is actually our second pregnancy this year- our first ending in a miscarriage at 7 weeks in March. That experience has unfortunately set a nervous tone for this pregnancy, but with lots of prayer, family support, and successful doctor visits every time- I feel a little bit better every day and milestone that passes.


Chicken! And nothing much besides chicken. Ha. Fruit like strawberries and blackberries always sound good to me too.

Favorite Moment So Far:

I have already had 4 ultrasounds because of my previous pregnancy experiences. I love getting to see our baby so often and my favorite moment of course so far- has been hearing the heart beat for the first, second, third, and FOURTH time. Pregnancy is a blessing! And our bodies are an amazing thing. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and I am thrilled to continue to update you on the growth and miracles of our sweet Baby Molina. ♡