A Peak into Our Home / Part 1

We have officially been in our first home for 2 whole weeks! What a busy summer it has been! I feel so happy that we have completely finished a room! And an important one at that. With fresh hard wood, paint, a new subway tile fireplace, removal of blinds + window panes- it is just feeling like my favorite room in the house already. Not only has this room been filled with cute things, but most of the cute things have significant meaning to our marriage + life thus far! Succulents from my wedding bouquet, books + seashells we have collected from our travels to Paris, Rome, NYC + San Diego, one of my very first dark room photographs, a thrifted picnic basket from my sweet ma, wedding decor, and jars of polaroids + matches. Welcome sign complimentary of my brother's sweetest girlfriend + many more gifts displayed from many important people in our lives! <i am sure you can spot something you picked from our registry! ;)> Welcome in Friends! We would love to have you come + stop by!