2017! I think you are my favorite year yet. Where do I even start!? Not only was 2017 a big year for me professionally, but I would say personally as well ; ) Blake and I welcomed our sweet baby boy into this world in July and life is just so much better with him in it. I am so grateful for my little family of 3 ( 4 including Judy hehe ) and can’t believe that it is possible for my baby to keep getting cuter with each month that passes. ; )

Professionally, I officially retired after 5 fabulous and adventurous years of teaching Art to little guys. I wouldn’t be who I am today without those days and hours spent in the classroom but I haven’t second guessed my decision going full time photographer since the moment I have left. What a DREAM and blessing this new career of mine has been. Having a job that doesn’t feel like work, introduces me to the greatest people, and allows me to do something that I am so passionate about, has been such a breath of fresh air and I am continually in awe of all of the opportunities it keeps bringing me. A job where I can stay home with my baby most days, be constantly inspired, and always wanting to learn + grow is pretty epic in my book! And for that I am so thankful.

NOW! For the fun part- come and take a peek into my 2017 Year of Photography. I am so excited for what 2018 will bring + am so grateful for all of your love and support while this amazing dream of mine comes more and more true everyday!


our newborn photos by: four corners photography



2 0 1 7  W E D D I N G S

I had the honor to photograph 11 weddings this year. I couldn’t have dreamed of getting to work with sweeter / cooler / more beautiful couples! What a privilege it was to be invited into their most important day and capture their wedding from start to finish. From the rooftops of Atlanta, to the marshes of South Carolina, and back- for my final snow day wedding at a sweet and charming farm with the sweetest family to go along with it- I have been so blessed and can’t thank these brides and their wonderful families enough for trusting and choosing me to be such a big part of their happiest and most sacred day!



2 0 1 7  F A M I L I E S

Another HUGE honor I had this year was to be invited into the homes of brand new families of 3! This time is so special and overwhelming and private and sleep deprived ( basically just cue all of the emotions humanly possible ) and I couldn’t be more flattered to have had the responsibility of capturing them AND their sweetest baby bundles. Not only did I get to meet many newborns but also spent time with families in a different season of life + do my best at freezing a moment in time for them and their littles!


Thank you to all of my wonderful clients for your support and trust and smiles!

2017 was the best because of you






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